Wood scrap to replace gas in a large tissue factory

A leading Italian producer of paper and its derivatives, present worldwide with production plants and offices, commissioned to Cannon Bono Energia the design and construction of a 13-megawatt thermal plant fed with wood scrap, destined to their French production site.

This biomass unit replaces the existing gas heating plant, confirming the customer’s engagement in selecting only renewable sources for their production of thermal energy.

Biomass Boiler for pulp and paper market

The paper industry is notoriously very “energy hungry”, requiring large quantities of medium-pressure steam to operate the production lines that deliver “tissue” around the clock for not less than 340 days a year. The final product is then used for various applications, ranging from napkins to toilet tissue, from kitchen towels to facial tissue. These production lines —in order to be profitable at the end of the year —must run continuously and without any interruption.

The steam generator that Cannon Group provided to the French factory of a leading tissue-manufacturing Italian group responds to the stringent requirements in terms of reliability and continuity in operation.

The supply includes a steam boiler certified for unattended operations up to 72 hours, a complete exhausts treatment system up to the chimney, the ash removal and transport unit, a biomass feeding system composed by a chain transporter and rack-silos of 1,000 m3 for an autonomy of 72 hours, a complete water treatment and degassing unit for the boiler’s feed water, the electrical and control cabinets, all water and steam piping network up to the points of use.

The new biomass-fed plant allows the customer to save more than 900 m3/day of natural gas, equivalent to more than 7.5 million cubic meters per year.

Biomass boiler for pulp and paper market 2
Biomass Boiler for pulp and paper market